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Farm-to-table and other popular green initiatives

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Although I’ve always leaned toward organic foods, I found recently with my busy life that I was reaching for the wrong things and getting away from what I truly wanted for myself and my family – to nourish our bodies with less processed foods, more organic foods and a more sustainable lifestyle. To take control of the GMO issue myself, for my family’s well being and future health. It’s not hard, in fact it’s easier now than ever to buy organic, but if it’s not a habit to think seasonally then I hope this blog helps you, as well as me! I think by making an  intimate connection to our foods, we will enjoy eating and sharing them even more.

As a Sydney-based full-time eCommerce professional with Atmos Green, LLC, parent of two young kids, wife, pet owner… I get how busy our lives have become. But I am determined to take the time to reconnect and support my community through Farmers Markets and have my children participate in knowing where their food comes from. And, even though I work crazy hours, I love making meals from scratch, knowing I can pronounce every ingredient in them!

I mostly cook vegetarian, but will be sharing some meat recipes along the way as my son loves his meat dishes. He will never say NO for a BBQ and my daughter loves to bake, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing their recipes on here eventually as well as my own.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and sharing ideas and recipes along the way. Please make sure to say hello and leave comments so I can get to know you.

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